What's up, Dame Wiggens?

Dame Wiggens is currently planning for new recordings that will start in April 2008, and continue during the summer.


2008-02-09: Release party for the album "divine images", Malmö/Sweden

Who is Dame Wiggens?

Painting by Peter Jönsson

Dame Wiggens was created by the singer Cristin Lindqvist and the composer/guitarist Kent Olofsson in the mid 90s. The duo has mainly worked in the studio as a hobby. The similar background and music taste of Kent and Cristin, as well as an interest for experimenting with music, has created an exciting breeding ground for a new kind of experimental pop and rock music. An eccentric mix of Progressive Rock, Electronica, Jazz and Art Music blends into a remarkable breadth. Influences from bands and artists like Björk, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, as well as influences from Contemporary Art Music, Jazz, EAM and Folk Music can be noticed. Yet all ingredients are well melted into a most personal style of the band. Art Rock is the closest definition of Dame Wiggens’ mixed style.

Even if the foundation of the band is the traditional setting of rock instruments, Dame Wiggens most often expands with odd elements. Traditional instruments like sitar, tabla, mandola or djembe are used in several recordings. Kent Olofsson’s vast experience from working with EAM is remarkably clear in songs where the music mainly builds on electronic sounds. But also more “traditional” rock songs have some kind of electronic background. Sometimes both voice and instruments are treated with different EAM techniques, and different sampling techniques are important ingredients in the sound.

The record company dB Productions heard some of Dame Wiggens’ music and wanted to release the first CD on their new label TEN POINT. Dame Wiggens chose to make an album with some of the compositions to William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience that they already had started recording. The album is out on the market since October 30, 2007. Buy Dame Wiggens' album "divine images" at CDON.COM or at Swedish Music Shop.

Dame Wiggens is mainly composing music to English poems since the start. Most often the band chooses poetry made by poets from old times. Several of Lewis Carroll’s poems, like “The Mad Gardener's Song”, ”Little Birds” and “Final Alice” are interpreted. The latest project is poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake, of which 14 poems are put on 11 tracks of Dame Wiggens’ first CD, “divine images”.

Dame Wiggens was successfully increased with several great musicians for the recordings of this first album: • Martin Hedin (Andromeda)/keyboards • Allan Skrobe/bass, mandola • Tomas Erlandsson (ACT, The Love)/drums • Tobias Broström/percussion • David Fremberg (Andromeda)/lead guitar • Sazed Ul Alam/sitar • Jai Shankar/tabla.